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Ode to the High Score

By Ian Brooks

O Top Scorers, O High Scorers!
You brave space, time, and dimly lit bar
To space-spar with czars in ships near bizarre
Harken to you, Scorers of Up High!
The lights you illuminate as the numbers they correlate
The enemies you topple, their masters you throttle
O Master of the Score,
You do battle with the machine to free unknown damsels
The commands you demand with no intention of cancel
O High Scorer, our Pixel Explorer,
The mazes you navigate while hidden secrets you activate
String combos you calculate to rain on targets you assassinate
O Courageous Scorers, the buttons your mast, the winds your controller!
You fear no time limit, pitfall, nor border
The walls you ignore as your course bores you forward
O Top Scorers, with numbers that soar
There is no floating head too large, nor galaxy too far
The High Score you unlocked in my heart, the moment you first pressed Start.

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